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Karen Scrivener has been Professor and Director of the Laboratory of Construction Materials in the Department of Materials of EPFL(Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne for the last 20 years. She is a Fellow of the UK Royal Academy of Engineering and author of over 200 journal papers.


Her research focusses on the understanding the chemistry and microstructure of cement based materials and improving their sustainability. In 2008, she came up with the idea for LC3 cement, this material has the potential to cut CO2 emissions related to cement by more than 400 million tonnes a year.


She received her bachelor’s degree in Materials Science from the University of Cambridge in 1979 and her PhD from Imperial College London in 1984.


Lothenbach Switzerland

Barbara Lothenbach is head of the group cement chemistry and thermodynamics at EMPA (Switzerland) and (associate) professor at university of Berne and at NTNU (Norway). After her PhD at ETH in Zürich in 1996, she has worked as a project leader and consultant scientist for nuclear wastes at BMG Engineering, Switzerland. In 2002, she has joined the Laboratory Concrete & Asphalt at EMPA. Her current research topics include hydration mechanisms of cementitious materials, thermodynamic modelling, characterisation techniques, pore solutions, supplementary cementitious materials and non-Portland cement binders such as calcium sulfoaluminate and magnesium based binders.


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R. Douglas Hooton


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Dr. Tongbo SUI is currently vice president of Sinoma Int’l, CNBM, and Director General of Sinoma Int’l Research Institute. He has been intensively engaged for over 20 years in R&D of belite-based low energy & low CO2 clinker cements and led to the successful use of belite cement in many hydropower projects of China. His recent research on calcined clay resulted in the development of energy efficient suspension calcining technology for thermal activation of clay.

He is now also visiting professor at University College London of UK and senior advisor of China Cement Association. He is also co-chair of WKG5 for Cement Innovation under GCCA and Fellow of ICT, UK.

Before joining Sinoma in 2010, he worked as vice president of China Building Materials Academy during 2006-2010.

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